Heart Choker

by Tami Sanders


  • Smooch® Accent Ink:  Plum Berry, Azure, Green Apple, Silver Fox, Carrot, Sugarberry, Luscious Lime, Copper, Sweet Melon, Siren and Bayside
  • ColorBox® Molding Mat: Asian Influence and Cube Faces
  • Other
  • Sculpey® Polymer Clay – White
  • Silver and Copper Tone 8MM Jump Rings
  • Salvaged or New Chain – 12" to 14"
  • Clasp
  • Template (page 3 of the instructions)
  • Tools
  • Pasta Machine for Clay, Heat Gun, Craft Knife, Straight Pin, Wood Skewer or Coffee Stirrer, Jewelry Pliers and Wire Cutters


NOTE: Make an extra copy of the template and place the pieces on it as you cut them out to ensure that you assemble the choker correctly.

  1. Condition clay.
  2. Roll about half of clay through pasta machine to smooth and flatten to about 1/8" thickness; repeat with other half.
  3. Press heart face from Cube Faces Molding Mat into one end of one of the flattened pieces of clay.
  4. Press Asian Influence Molding Mat into remaining area of clay piece, then press into the other flattened clay piece.
  5. Cut out template and place piece #4 over heart face. Cut out using craft knife.
  6. Place other template pieces as desired over remaining clay pieces, centering them over your choice of designs, and cut out with craft knife. If needed, reroll clay, and repeat until all pieces of the template have been cut out.
  7. Mark holes using straight pin through template pieces, then create holes using skewer or stirrer.
  8. Bake pieces as directed on package and cool.
  9. Use Smooch® Accent Inks to fill in pattern, using Silver Fox for the depressed portions and your choice of colors on the raised portions. There may be some areas where you want to reverse that – like the large flower and Asian character designs.  For best results, heat set between color changes, then heat set pieces again when finished.
  10. Use Silver Fox to ink the sides of all pieces and heat set.
  11. Use jump rings to assemble pieces, start with tab at left, then attach pieces 1 – 7 and other tab. Alternate colors of rings using silver at top and copper at bottom of first pieces, then reverse for next and repeat.
  12. Measure length of chain needed by placing assembled choker where you would like it to lay on your neck, then measure from tab to tab around the back of your neck. Divide by 2 and cut 2 pieces of chain that length.
  13. Attach one of each chain piece to each tab using copper jump rings, then attach clasp pieces to other ends using silver jump rings.

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