Embellished Sneakers

Embellished Sneakers
Designed by Sabrina Alery


  • ColorBox Crafter’s® Cat’s Eye® inkpads: Sunshine, Tangelo, Berry, Spiced Plum, Aquamarine and Limelight
  • ColorBox® Art Screens: Argyle, Camo & Cobblestone
  • ColorBox® Art Daubers 6-pack
  • ColorBox® Stylus Tips 3-pack: White Leaf
  • White canvas sneakers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Heat gun & newsprint
  • Paper towel
  • Baby wipes


    1.    Stuff paper in shoe and tape off the sole of the shoe where it connects to the canvas. Also tape off inside the shoe where the tongue will touch the back of shoe and put paper over the tongue while working on the lower parts of the shoe.
    2.    Ink up the front of the shoe with Sunshine ink. Apply the inkpad directly to the shoe in a gentle, circular motion. Press the pad right up the edges and wipe off any excess that touches the soles with a baby wipe.
    3.     Ink up the sides and back of the shoe with Berry ink. Apply the ink directly to the shoe as in step 2.
    4.    Ink the tongue of the shoe with Aquamarine ink. You may need to apply ink to an Art Dauber (or even your finger) to reach the very inner section of the tongue.
    5.    On the toe of the shoe, line up the Argyle Art Screen so that the bottom edge meets the edge of the canvas. Apply Tangelo ink with an Art Dauber, beginning in the center of the shoe. Hold the stencil in place in the center and gently tap to transfer ink without getting it underneath the stencil. Readjust stencil and hold and apply to edges. Do not ink all the way down.
    6.    Wipe orange ink from the stencil, reposition the Argyle Art Screen and then apply Aquamarine ink to the remainder of the shoe front.
    7.    Use Camo Art Screen on the outside edge of the shoe and apply Spiced Plum ink in the same manner as in step 6.
    8.    Use Cobblestone Art Screen on the inside edge of the shoe and apply Limelight ink in the same manner as step 6.
    9.    Ink back tab with Aquamarine ink and heat set entire shoe to dry.

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