ColorBox® Pigment Ink and Spritzers Collage

ColorBox® Pigment Ink and Spritzers Collage
Designed by Cathie Allan


  • ColorBox® Petal Point®: Boardwalk
  • ColorBox® Pigment Refill: Olive, Peacock, and Harbor
  • ColorBox® Top Boss Inkpad: Clear and Refill
  • ColorBox® Pigment Ink: Black and Refill
  • ColorBox® Spritzers: Glacier Lake and Grasshopper
  • ColorBox® Embossing Powder: Clear
  • ColorBox® Stylus Handle and 6 Foam Tips
  • Spray Bottle filled with Water
  • Creative Scrapbooker SuperStock Paper: 2 Sheets
  • Die Cutting Machine
  • Impression Obsession Dies: Scribble Circles, Geometric Flowers, Butterfly3, and Classic Corners
  • Impression Obsession Sentiment Stamp: Creativity is Contagious
  • Sookwang Tape: 7mm and 12mm
  • Scrap Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Non-Stick Craft Sheets or Report Cover
  • Heat Tool
  • Paper Towels
  • Iron and Ironing Pad


  1. Gather supplies for the project.
  2. Cover your work area with newspaper to protect the table surface.
  3. Set the ironing pad away from the center of your work area and cover with paper towels to prevent inking the pad’s surface.
  4. Turn the iron on to medium-high setting.


  1. Trim SuperStock to one 6” x 8” piece and one 1 ¾” x 6” piece. Keep scraps for step 2.
  2. Place dies on the scrap SuperStock from step 1 and run through the cutting machine.
  3. Open the report cover and apply Olive, Peacock, and Harbor refill inks directly to one side. Spritz the ink with water and close the report cover to blend colors.
  4. Open the report cover and drag the 6” x 8” piece of SuperStock through the ink, twisting to blend and pull the ink from the report cover. This will be the project base.
  5. Repeat step 4 with the other inked side of the report cover, overlapping the first ink application.
  6. Snap a foam tip onto the Stylus Handle and load the tip with the Top Boss Refill. Pick up additional Olive ink from the Petal Point. Using a circular motion, directly apply the ink from the foam tip to the areas of same color, on the base.
  7. Repeat step 6 with Peacock and Harbor, using a new Stylus Tip for each color.
  8. Place the Scribble Circles and Geometric Flowers die cuts on top of the inked surface of the base to create a mask. Spritz with Glacier Lake and Grasshopper inks as desired.
  9. Carefully pick up the project with die cuts in place, and set on the paper towel covered ironing pad. Place a paper towel over top and press with the hot iron to instantly set the ink.
  10. Remove the paper towel, pick up the die cuts from the project, and place them back on the work area; leaving the base on the pad. Spray the die cuts with Spritzers as desired. Set aside. Use a paper towel to absorb any excess spray ink from the work area surface.
  11. Place the 1 ¾” x 6” piece of SuperStock on a scrap piece of paper. Generously ink the sentiment stamp with Black ColorBox® Pigment ink and press the image to the paper.
  12. Cover the stamped sentiment with clear embossing powder. Lift the paper, tip towards the scrap, and tap the back of the SuperStock to relieve excess powder. Use the heat tool to set the embossing powder on the sentiment.
  13. Sparingly spritz over the embossed image with Glacier Lake and Grasshopper inks. Use a paper towel to remove spritzed ink resting on the sentiment. Set aside.
  14. Snap a new foam tip onto the Stylus Handle and load with the Top Boss Refill. Add the Topaz color to the Stylus Tip from the Petal Point and accent the Butterfly3 and Classic Corners die cuts as shown. Allow die cut pieces to dry or set with the hot dry iron, as in step 9.
  15. Adhere the sentiment piece with Sookwang tape to the inked base, as shown. Adhere the spritzed die cut pieces as shown. Adhere the Classic Corners and Butterfly3 to accent the other pieces as shown.

TIP: Prevent over-spray of ColorBox® Spritzers by using a scrap piece of paper as a shield.


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