Ocean Elegance Bracelet

by Sarah Brighton


Smooch™ Pearlized Accent Inks make this bracelet shine



  • Smooch™ Pearlized Accent Inks: Green Apple, Gold Lame´, Pool

Other Materials Used:

  • Wood Beads: 10mm Round
  • Beading Thread
  • Bead Tips
  • Clasp
  • Accent and Spacer Beads
  • Acrylic Spray Sealer
  • Liquid Glue
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Bowl filled with sand or dry rice



  1. Create the beads:
  2. Determine how many beads you need to create your bracelet. I used seven beads for this project.
  3. Place each bead onto a cotton swab. This makes it much easier to paint the beads.
  4. Paint four beads with Pool and three with Green Apple.
  5. Allow to dry by standing the cotton swabs into the sand or rice. You can also use a heat gun but be careful as the heat can melt the cotton swab if you get too close.
  6. Once the beads are dry, you can paint your design. On the blue beads, paint random stripes of color al around the bead with Gold Lame´ and Green Apple inks. Repeat this on all the blue beads.
  7. Paint random stripes onto the green beads using Pool and Gold Lame´ inks.
  8. Allow to dry, standing the cotton swabs into the sand or rice again or use a heat gun.
  9. Once the beads are completely dry, you can go ahead and spray them with a clear sealer. I sprayed three coats of sealer on each bead, allowing each coat to dry before spraying on the next coat.
  10. Once completely dry, your beads will be ready to be used in your bracelet.

Create the Bracelet:

  1. Cut a length of beading thread longer than you need to create your bracelet.
  2. Tie a knot in one end of the thread and slip on a bead tip, making sure the knot will be covered by the clamshell part of the bead tip.
  3. Start threading your beads. You can use a few spacer beads or accent beads in between your painted beads. I used 4mm bone spacer beads and 5mm gold plated filigree beads. You can play around with different beads to come up with a design you like.
  4. When you have finished your beads and are happy with your design, you are ready to complete your bracelet by sliding a bead tip onto the end of your thread. Tie a knot three or four times and trim off any excess thread.
  5. Squeeze a little drop of glue into each bead tip. This helps to secure the knot. Take your flat nose pliers and close the clam part of the bead tips.
  6. Attach your clasp and you are now ready to show off your beautiful new bracelet.

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