Fun With Pigment Page

Designed by Cathie Allan




Following manufacturer’s instructions, use Grand Caliber™ to create the following:

a.    Two each of the letters F, U, and N from Font One set from SuperStock.

b.    Smallest Label from Branching Out set from SuperStock.

  1. Trim a piece of SuperStock to 6” x 6” for your page. Snap Stylus tips onto handle and ink one foam tip with Curry ink from Taos PaintBox. Lay the Hexagon screen over page and swirl Curry in different areas of the screen. Do not ink the entire screen, only sections of it. Remove screen and lightly buff on more color with foam tip.
  2. Wipe off Hexagon screen with baby wipe and repeat step #2 with Turtle, filling in the un-inked areas on your piece. Remove screen and lightly buff on more color with foam tip.
  3. Place Mandala screen at an angle on the page, (it should only cover a portion of your page). Remove the Turtle inkpad from base of PaintBox and “pounce” the ink over the stencil. Clean screen.
  4. Place the Stripes screen onto page so that the stripes run horizontally. Remove the Ocean inkpad from base of PaintBox and “pounce” in a couple of ocean stripes along the edge of page, as shown. Remove screen and lightly buff on more color over these stripes, blurring them a bit.
  5. Clean Screen and place on page in same position as step 5. Repeat step 5 with Chianti and then with Abyss ink.
  6. Ink up Fresh Paint stamp with Chianti and stamp image onto scrap paper then without re-inking, stamp it onto page. Repeat this step in random areas on page. Use a tip that is almost out of Chianti ink to blurr these images, as shown.
  7. Ink Grunge Circle 1 with Abyss and stamp onto lower and upper left side of page, as shown. Ink Grunge Circle 2 with Abyss and stamp side by side with Grunge Circle 1, as shown.
  8. Use the Chianti foam tip to edge the page. Place page in between two pieces of newsprint and iron to instantly cure and dry the ink.
  9. Use your foam tips already inked in Curry, Turtle and Chianti to color the Spellbinders, “branching out” die cut, as shown. Iron to dry ink.
  10. Ink one set of the letters with Chianti then add Abyss to bottom, as shown. Emboss with clear embossing powder. Apply iCraft Adhesive to back of embossed letters. Adhere 2nd set of die cut letters to the back of embossed letters to create double thick letters.
  11. Wrapping hemp cord around the page, place some iCraft adhesive along the path of the hemp cord on the back of the page to hold it into place. Cut a 5 ¾” x 5 ¾” piece of SuperStock and adhere to back of page to cover the exposed adhesive.
  12.  Cut a 3 5/7” x 2 15/16” piece of SuperStock, adhere to photo with iCraft Adhesive. Adhere to page as shown. Finish assembling page by adhering die cuts and letters, as shown, with foam squares.


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