Resist with ColorBox® Spritzers

Designed by Joe Rotella



  • ColorBox® Spritzers: Golf Course, Pinkolicious, Moody Blue and Mudslide
  • ColorBox® Archival Dye inkpad: Wicked Black
  • Top Boss® Embossing Inkpad: Clear
  • Top Boss® Embossing powder: Clear
  • Design Adhesive: Bloomers ©Jeannene Langford
  • Designer Foils: Goldmine
  • Top Boss® Craft Funnel
  • ColorBox® Color Blender
  • Color Catcher®
  • ColorBox® Basic Necessities: Jumbo Spritz Bottle
  • Northwoods Rubber Stamps: Sumac Branch
  • JudiKins stamp: Oriental Embossing Kimono
  • Hero Arts® rubber stamp set: Tiny Stamps
  • Paper Accents™ cardstock: Glossy White & Black
  • USArtQuest cardstock: Mirri Reflective Gold
  • Post-It® Full Adhesive Craft Paper White
  • Westcott® Titanium Bonded Scissors: 4 inch
  • Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L™: MyStix
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Painter’s Tape & Paper Towels
  • Embossing Heat Tool
  • Scrap paper
  • Gold Leaf Marker or Pen



  1. Trim Adhesive Craft paper to roughly 4” x 6” Ink the kimono stamp with Wicked Black ink and stamp onto the center bottom of the Adhesive Craft paper. Use scissors to carefully cut out the Kimono stamp. Do not remove backing paper and keep both the kimono and the sheet.
  2. Trim Glossy paper to 3 ¾” x 5”. Peel the backing off the kimono stamped craft paper and position it on the bottom center of glossy paper to create a physical resist.
  3. Ink the Sumac stamp with Clear embossing ink and stamp onto glossy cardstock positioning as shown. Emboss with Clear embossing powder.
  4. Place embossed piece into Color Catcher®. Fill Jumbo Spritz bottle with water and use it to lightly mist glossy piece. This will extend drying time of the Spritzers.
  5. Quickly spray a fine mist with Golf Course and Mudslide Spritzers. Roll over the misted inks with paper towel still on the roll, spreading the ink and eliminating some large drops. Gently swirl ink with Color Blender to blend in some areas and pull color off the embossed image. Repeat this step until happy with the background. Gently dry with heat tool.
  6. Remove the kimono but save the piece. Remove backing from the 4“x 6” craft sheet with the kimono shape cut out. Position this sheet onto embossed glossy piece leaving the white kimono shape exposed. If there are any areas outside the kimono exposed, cover them with Painter’s tape. 
  7. Place glossy piece into Color Catcher®.  Quickly spray a fine mist of Pinkolicious and Moody Blue Spritzers. Roll over the misted inks with paper towel still on the roll, spreading the ink and eliminating some large drops. Gently swirl ink with Color Blender to blend in some areas. Repeat this step until happy with the color. Lightly dry with heat tool.
  8. Cut out the Bloomers Design Adhesive in the shape of the kimono, using the kimono adhesive shape as a pattern. Peel the white backing off the kimono shape Design Adhesive and apply the pattern to sprayed area. Lightly burnish with popsicle stick until you can see the color of the paper through the pattern. Peel off the clear backing paper.
  9. Apply Goldmine Designer Foil to Design Adhesives pattern following manufacturer’s instructions. Remove craft adhesive paper from glossy piece.
  10. Trace the Kimono with leafing pen. Ink a stamp of your choice from the tiny stamp set with Wicked Black and stamp onto lower right corner of sprayed glossy panel. Set aside to dry.
  11. Trim Black cardstock to 8 ½” x 5 ½” and fold to create card with final dimensions of 4 ¼” x 5 ½”. Trim Mirri Gold Cardstock to 4”x 5 ¼”. Adhere Mirri cardstock to front of black card and glossy piece to Mirri cardstock with MyStix.

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