Letter From Provence

Designed by Amy Flowers



  • ColorBox® Chalk Full Size Inkpad: Butter, Chambray, Mint, Plumeria, and Black Cherry
  • ColorBox® Archival Dye Inkpad: Wicked Black
  • Hampton Art™ Graphic 45 Cling stamps: French Country #1, French Country #3, Butterfly Specifics 2.5” x 3.75”
  • and Harlequin Background - 2.5" x 3.75"
  • Westcott® Titanium Razor Paper Cutter – Hobby Knife
  • Clayboard – 7” x 5”
  • Acrylic Mounts for stamps


  1. Cover most of the mat board with Butter ink by applying it straight from the inkpad using a tapping motion.
  2. Apply the Chambray ink across the sky area, wrapping ink around the upper corners of the board.
  3. Apply Mint across the bottom half of the board, forming the field area.
  4. Apply Plumeria ink, using the edge of the pad, on top of the Mint color, forming fields of lavender. Finally, apply Black Cherry ink along the bottom edge of the board. Allow to dry.
  5. Using Wicked Black Archival Ink, stamp images from Graphic 45 cling sets onto the mat board as listed below, (as shown) and allow to dry.
    1. Planche on left side
    2. Carte postale on bottom right
    3. Harlequin background repeatedly across the bottom
    4. French Country #45 on top left corner
    5. Fly to the left of carte postale
    6. “Je t’aime” sentiment over the carte postale
    7. Dragonfly in top right corner
  6. Using the hobby knife, follow the stamp image and gently scratch—or etch—back into the mat board, revealing the original white. Continue to selectively etch the board, creating highlight detail, forming free hand doodles, etc. Brush off etching areas periodically and check your design, being careful not to over-do the etching. 

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