IZINK Mason Jars

Designed by Sabrina Alery



  • Pigment IZINK: Lotus, Rose, Gentian
  • IZINK Spray Bottle
  • Color Catcher®
  • Mason jar – your favorite shape and size
  • Flat Paintbrush
  • Heat Tool
  • Painter’s tape
  • Water



  1. Remove lid from Mason jar.
  2. Apply painter’s tape around bottom of lid. Tuck the tape underneath the lid. Screw lid back on jar.
  3. Work inside the Color Catcher® to contain any spills. Begin applying one shade of IZINK Pigment directly to jar using the dropper from the IZINK bottle. Apply 2-3 full droppers to one side of jar, then use a flat paintbrush to spread the ink around. Turn jar ¼ of the way around and repeat until entire jar is coated.
  4. Partially dry ink using a heat gun. Blast one section with heat for approx. 5 seconds and then turn and repeat until ink is no longer running and begins to look dry. CAREFUL! Glass can heat up.
  5. Remove spray top from IZINK spray bottle. Fill bottle with water to the lowest level indicator. Add in 2-3 full droppers of IZINK Pigment in a second shade. Screw lid back on tightly. Lightly shake from side to side to blend.
  6. Work inside the Color Catcher. Spray ink at jar just enough to achieve a splattered effect. Turn and repeat on all sides of the jar.
  7. Finish drying ink using the heat gun. When dry, it will take on a matte appearance.
  8. Remove lid, remove tape from lid and replace lid.

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